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OpenRaster load/save handler

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OpenRaster is an effort by the Create project[1] to offer a standardized and open interchange format for raster-based applications. MyPaint and Drawpile (SVN version) uses this format by default, and Krita and gegl should be able to use it. Now GIMP can too! This plug-in will be in GIMP 2.7.1+ If you are using such a version, please use the provided plugin instead of this one.


You will need Python support for GIMP.
Move the file to GIMPs plug-in directory to install.

On GNU/Linux, make sure the file has executable permissions.
On Windows, see "What do I need to do to get Python scripts to work?" in for how to get Python support.


file-ora.py7.75 KB
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I'm finding this too. Is the plugin meant to let The GIMP save in .ora format?

If I use mypaint.ora the plugin haven't problem but using other image drawed in maypaint(0.8.2) gimp(2.6.10) crash

You could make it a bit easier to download by attaching the file here.

Getting an arbitrary refid from the repository as a tar.gz file might complicate debugging in case of problems reported by users.


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