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OpenRaster load/save handler

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OpenRaster is an effort by the Create project[1] to offer a standardized and open interchange format for raster-based applications. MyPaint and Drawpile (SVN version) uses this format by default, and Krita and gegl should be able to use it. Now GIMP can too! This plug-in will be in GIMP 2.7.1+ If you are using such a version, please use the provided plugin instead of this one.


You will need Python support for GIMP.
Move the file to GIMPs plug-in directory to install.

On GNU/Linux, make sure the file has executable permissions.
On Windows, see "What do I need to do to get Python scripts to work?" in for how to get Python support.


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Hey guys, for all the people struggling to get this working when they just want to go back to painting, heres how i did it:

1. Install ActivePython 2.6 from
NOTE: Make sure you get 2.6 and NOT higher! I got activepython instead of normal python because they didnt
have the 2.6 windows installer at It still works, dont worry.

2. Download the all-in-one GTK bundle at and install it.
for 32 bit windows, use
NOTE: Again, make sure you are getting one for python 2.6!

3. Reinstall the latest STABLE version of gimp (2.6 currently). I spent alot of time trying to get the portable development
versions to work (like 2.7 or gimp paint studio 2.7) but failed. (also cant get graphics tablet to work with those)
Check that you have python working by looking for Python-Fu under Filters.

4. Easiest step, drag the plugin to your plugins folder. you can find this by going to

5. You should now be able to load and save ORA files. :)

If this wasnt comprehensive enough for you, check out:

Hope that helped someone,

Does anyone have a compiled EXE of this? Windows doesn't like it when I try to compile.

Script are not to be compiled
BUT Py script as this need the Gimp python module installed

It is possible also in Windows this should make easier,
instruction in the comment and inside the zip download button at left of the illustration

Thanks! It works now. Thank you!

I've been unable to reproduce the error you described. ( I've tested 2.6.7 on win32 personally, and gotten other to test 2.7.0 behaviour. In any case, if the error persists I believe it to be a bug in GIMP and not the plug-in. I've heard one other report of this tho, and please keep me updated if the problem persists with 2.7.x or -git GIMP.

The problem does not occur if Python 2.6 (2.6.2, to be precise) is used. It does occur with Python 2.5.2.

The issue should now be fixed in git master, but will take a while to get into a release. In the meantime use Python 2.6 (which you should be using anyways ;))

Reported on the bugtracker as bug #594651

Loading the MyPaint OpenRaster sample file works, but saving fails with the generic "plug-in couldn't save the image" message.

I don't have an envrionment suitable for researching this any further right now, but I'll try to get more specific once I've tried this on my development systems.


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