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GAP-2.6 (windows binary)

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GAP is the Gimp Animation Packadge
This version has been updated to work with GIMP v2.6 and includes the latest stable release of FFMPEG (used for video encoding/decoding). Improvements have been made to storyboarding, as well as various optimizations and bug fixes.

A Windows installer for GAP 2.6 for windows was created by JamesH but went soon MIA for bandwidth problems,

Install is simple how double click on the installer,(in the "INSTALLER" folder)
you will need only that to install GAP

anyway pack contain also some extra goodies :

a very good introductory tutorial written by Scott Bicknell (AC7ZZ)
and a copy of the official Doc available
(inside the "TUTORIAL_docs" folder )

a selection of animation scripts of various authors,many hard to found because never added to
this registry.
Now sorted in 3 group: Animated FX, Animated Logos and Utils
Scripts are from Fenceposte, Saulgoode, LIMN, Gadget Wizard AKA Scott Mosteller ,Insanity Prevail

3) a plugin to create animated cursor
by JamesH
(in the Extra Plugin folder)

Happy Gimping


source code link

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 



11 987 670 bytes

For translations, you must unzip the archive into C: \
Unfortunately the plugin for video coding (gap_vid_common_encoder.exe) gives errors and is not in the archive.
To encode a series of images or decode videos you can use other(s) software(s).

A German description for GAP you will finde here:

Eine deutsche Beschreibung von GAP findet ihr hier:

Loves from Germany


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