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Python Font to Brushes & Font to Image Hose by Adrian Likins (RESOLVED!)

Is there anyone out there knowledgeable in Python that would like to take a stab at making the Font to Brushes and Font to Image Hose plugins work for GIMP in Windows? I think they would be awesome to use if I could get past the error on the $HOST path string. I did try editing it to no avail.RESOLVED!

I found the correct Windows string for the path function and modified the two py files. Downloads are below.

Use the original files from Adrian's site ( if you are using Linux.

These modified files are for Windows users only!


font-to-brushesW.py3.48 KB
font-to-image-hoseW.py4.3 KB
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It took a little bit of digging and testing, but the correct string should be: os.path.expanduser('~') I will modify the older py files and re-submit them here.

I was going to write my own font to hose script, but finding one is the bomb! Combined with the 2.7 rotation capabilities this is a handy way to put text on a path ;) -Rob A>

The best method of saving your font as brushes is to save them as large as possible in size (I save them at 250 px), and then lower the brush size in the Brush Tool Dialog. This helps retain the crisp edges of the font. Saving them small in size and enlarging them will only make them fuzzy!
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