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Rays of Light

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Creates a shining glow as demonstrated in the tutorial here:
This script will only operate on the alpha-layer
It assumes that the layer size is the same size as the image size
It will not add color to the rays as in the tutorial
The rays are now created much like an outer glow, rather than being merged with a background as in the tutorial
Tested in v2.4.2 only

rays-of-light.scm5.35 KB
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This looks like a really cool plugin if it worked. I'm using Gimp 2.6.10 and if I fire this plugin up I get the following error:

Error: Bad syntax of binding spec in let* : ((ray-letter) (overlay-layer) (orig-drawable) (orig-foreground))

If I knew how to fix it .. I would! But it's busted =(( Hope if gets fixed!

You could fix plugin by yourself. Just add zero value to ray-letter variable (at line #42). Like here:
(ray-letter 0)

Although I have improved this script recently so it works like glow, I still need help debugging this script. I'm getting unexpected static in the rays layer that seems to depend on operations I have done in the past. For example, when I undo the effect and redo it, the result changes.

I liked this script, thank you!
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