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what happened to pyGIMP?

I wanted to do some script-fu, but I do not like the looks of scheme and figure python will be simpler and easier since I already know some other OO scripting languages (perl would have been great but I notice the gimp modules are no longer maintained, the interface is broken, the documentation non-existant, etc).

Anyway, I believe pyGIMP is part of the FC10 distro install since there is a functional python console. However, having found a number of example scripts and tutorials, I don't know where to put the scripts to get them recognized; if I put them with the .scm files in ~/.gimp/scripts they do not appear in gimp.

So I thot I'd try and install pyGIMP, just in case, but there is no available rpm and the only link to a source I can find is thru James Henstridge's (the pyGIMP author) page, which the link is dead. He did refer to here "There is also some older versions available in the GIMP plug-in registry, but I have fogotten the password I used there, so the version there is out of date"; not exactly hope inspiring.

Anyway, is python-gimp still usable? Or do I have to (deal (with (scheme)))))))?

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