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Help running WinRAR files for UFRaw plugin

Please help, I have no idea how to run the files from the UFRaw plugin I downloaded to view RAW files. I've downloaded the WinRAR file, then clicked 'extract to' but all I have is a folder full of masses of individual files and no idea what to do next.

I downloaded a WinRAR reader thing, in case that was the problem, but there's been no difference. How do I run the damn thing?



Is impossible to help you because you miss to post the most relevant info 1 what OS you use 2 the link for the file you downloaded anyway since you quote the Winrar crap, and you do not quote your OS i may even guess you use something Windows Xp, Vista or 7 But i may not guess if you downloaded the right file for Windows so please post the link of the file you downloaded And as suggestion unistall that Winrar crap, and get something better and even free as 7zip

Anyway you do not need to "Run" it. If you installed the correct file UFraw will open automatically when, from Gimp File/open, you will try to open a RAW (or Nef ) file

You'll have to be patient with me - I'm not very savvy with technology at all so didn't realise I was missing anything out. I didn't mean to post 'crap'. My OS is XP, here is the link to what I downloaded: Nothing ran automatically, it never does when I download anything in WinRAR.

wrong file this should be fine for you is a installer nothing to unzip just double click to install But do yourself a nice service , unistall winrar that is even pricey and get 7zip from or directly here do not need for UFraw but may be handy may : open zip, 7zip,rar and similar compressed archive

Thanks! I've now installed it and everythings working perfectly. Cheers for the help
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