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Problem with saving brushes

I have searched and searched on where to get help for this and can't find anything.

I've made a brush. When I try to save it as .gbr I get an error saying: GIMP brush plug-in could not save image

I even did a test run with a tutorial and I still get the same error.

Can anyone please help.. Thanks in advance.


I can't reproduce this. Please provide a step by step description of the actions that lead to this error message.

I've been trying to make my own brushes too, and this happens when I try to save a brush as greyscale:
GIMP brushes are either GRAYSCALE or RGBA
Saving 'C:\Users\Rowan\.gimp-2.6\brushes\crosshatch3.gbr' failed:
GIMP brush plug-in could not save image.

Or this:
Saving 'C:\Users\Rowan\.gimp-2.6\brushes\crosshatch2.gbr' failed: GIMP brush plug-in could not save image

If I save it with the Mode as RBG it seems to work, but I can't change the color of the brush.

Do you still need step-by-step?

will help more adding gimp version and operative system
BTW if you use Windows AND gimp 2.6.6 that may be one of the many bugs created by a broken installer
Then upgrade to gimp 2.6.7 or even downgrade to a previous version may fix

I'm running Gimp 2.6.7 and Vista. I have no idea about the original poster.

i have xp and same gimp version
later in the evening i can see if i can replicate the problem.

I had the same problem until I found the answer here:

* Greyscale brushes need to have a WHITE background.
* RGBA brushes need to have a transparent background.

Until I found this, the trick was to use a gradient of foreground and background with the same colour!

Did you get the "file export" window before the error? If not: than try flattening your image...cuz thats what the export window does...

This came to light when I tried using Rob's rotating brush script. It would not allow me to save the brushes in greyscale mode. RGB mode works fine, but unable to change brush colors.Using Vista with 2.6.7

The steps taken to get to the error: 1) Open a new drawing with transparent background. 2) Draw a star shape with the path tool 3) Path to selection 4)Fill selection with black. 5)Remove the selection 6) Change image mode to grayscale 7) Save as star.gbr 8)error prompts that image isn't grayscale. So, as a side test I performed step 9) save star image in grayscale mode as .xcf file 10) Re-open star.xcf 11) Save as star.gbr 12) Error prompts as shown in images below, which star.xcf is clearly showing as being in grayscale mode:

I also noticed that when I ran Rob A.'s rotating brush script, even though the images were clearly showing as grayscales, GIMP didn't recognize them as such.

Some screenshots:

brush error

brush errors

Virtualkill3r, was right on. Flattening the image solves the grayscale brushes problem. I just don't recall having this problem with (grayscale) brushes before.

maybe you have not that problem before because your previous images had only one layer and no alpha channel

In case you do NOT want flat your images also this should work

Supposing you want a brush from the visible of your image

Edit/copy visible
Edit/ paste as new brush

Or if you want brush from active layer

Edit/ paste as new brush

Obviously If you have something as a imagine copied from Firefox or IE or a image viewer, just " paste as new brush" is sufficient to get a brush from it on the fly

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