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Manually Relocating a Script Pointer

At the bottom of each .scm there is generally some code of the form

(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-wavelet-decompose"
"< Image>/Blah_Blah_Blah/Something/"

indicating where in the menus it will appear. (I had to add a space right there so it wasn't recognized as html.)

However, after I install a script it does not appear in that position. I imagine this is directly related to the user interface redesign implemented in GIMP 2.6. Is there a way to rewrite those lines such that the script's functionality is maintained but the link is located in the Filters dialogue? At present I have not been able to install any scripts.

Thanks for any help you can give.


No ,with only one exception Only scripts registered in in toolbox menus are automatically remapped (usually in File/create ) Not all the other script installed in whatever menu of the image windows If they do not show up is for some other reason ( as example Windows as default hide " commune file extension as .jpg or,here the point, .txt, and then try to add same .txt extension to all scripts ) that can be solved when saving in Windows the( no too visible ) option to save as "all files" correspond to save the file as it is without change its extension

All right, thanks.
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