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Gimp cant see *.vbr brushes

Hi everyone! I'm install Gimp 2.6.6 on Windows XP SP3 Professional, but he don't see *.vbr brushes, i don't know why. Anyone know what is the problem?
sorry for my english, i'm from Russia.


Works for me. Please provide a step-by-step description of what you're doing.

I'm install Gimp on clear new windows xp. May be need some plugins for vbr brushes? And so strange, i'm installed ubuntu linux 9.04, there cant see *.vbr brushes too. Then i download old verison gimp (2.5 & 2.4) They dont' see again. What other information can I say for explanation?

Some of the brushes that come with GIMP 2.6 are VBR, so it is unlikely that this won't work at all.

We don't know where you put the brushes, for example - this would be useful information.


A general helper for asking technical questions and prooviding the necessary information could be the tutorial How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, also available in a Russian translation.

also having no problems - but i don't quite understand why it isn't working for them

Sorry, I forgot to say that it does not work the standard brushes *.VBR and any VBR.

Interesting. I don't recall any problem like this.

You are 100% sure that the brushes should be found at the location where you put them?

Yes, i'm 100 % sure, that this brushes i have at my computer. Screenshot, where i try to load standart .vbr brush. And Gimp saying what "Unknown type file"

Oh. Why do you try to open them as images?

They should appear in the brush dialog and are editable via the brush editor - although you should place them into a writable directory for that, for example your personal brushes directory.

but other brushes he can open as a images. What is wrong?

Nothing wrong in GIMP. VBR brushes are no images, there's no point in opening them as such.

Why do you download .vbr? I always download .gbr and they work fine... but if u have to use vbr... i cant help u...

I downloaded Gimp 2.6.8, downloaded brushes like I did on my other pc but the other one is Windows Vista, now I'm using my laptop and its windows 7, the only thing is my brushes are in the right spot and everything, but when i load gimp i see no brushes, refresh them still no brushes, is gimp compatible with Windows 7? maybe I'm doing something help please...

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