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Fractalize Path

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This script will take the active path and fractalize it, using a random midpoint displacement algorithm, with the displacement proportionate to the length between nodes. Also the nodes don't move.

Parameters are:

  • Subdivisions - number of iteration to divide each segment in half... so for a value of 3 the line between two nodes is replaced by 8 new lines.
  • Method - Uniform or Gaussian... the distribution of the displacement.
  • Smoothness - Higher = less displacement, lower = more displacement.
  • Interpolate First - Not checked, it will subdivide between nodes. Checked, it will walk the path and create new evenly spaced noted. These nodes will not likely line up with existing nodes, so is not great for accurate replacement, but is super for fractalizing a smooth shape, or a path created from a selection.
  • Interpolate Pixel Spacing - if Interpolate First is checked, the spacing to use.
  • Create New Path - if checked, it creates a new path. If unchecked, it replaces the active path.

Credit to the inkscape fractalize path extension algorithm, and the box mueller gaussian code from wikipedia.

The script creates a new entry in the path dialog menu, so right click on a path and select "Fractalize path.

-Rob A>

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