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Flag waving

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This little plugin makes an animation that looks like a flag fluttering
in the wind from any given (single layer) image. This one requires gimp with perl-support.


Flag-waving plugin example

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I tried to install this under Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 and can't get it working.
Kinda linux beginner, but I understand the concept and terminal to a certain degree.
Some kind of guide could be written.
First of all, libgimp-perl doesn't exist in Ubuntu repos, supposedly it's replaced by gimp.
Installed that. This also installed libgtk2-perl, so I assume this is perl capable gimp.
I copied the file flag-waving (unpacked) to ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins
file's properties -rwxrwxrwx, I'm the owner.
When I start gimp, there runs a flag-wave text under the splash screen when loading gimp, but after that there is no flag-wave in Filter>Animation, I can't find flag* in Help>Plug-in Browser.
Is there any secret to activate this, or is this plugin simply obsolete and would need to be updated to work properly?

For me (ubuntu 11.04) it works (although the errors are of the old procedures) after installing deb packages libgimp-perl (2.2 2.0.dfsg pre1.dfsg-5)

installed the package and it works now, although gimp gives lot of error messages when processing an image with this plugin.
thank you

Please post those messages here (or PM them). Maybe i can fix it.

Is it possible to install on Windows... kind of stumped, and I apologize, for I am quite new to this

... no need to apologize. Unfortunately, it looks like the gimp-perl support never got ported to windoze. There were some efforts, but to my knowledge nothing came out of 'em. Lookee here and here

Sometime, somewhere though i think i remember reading that it actually is possible, but try to find that website again.... One vital prerequisite at least is available nowadays (, so it seems doable without too much work.


That is, if I download from that link on the last paragraph above

Also, thanks for the quick reply

that is just one step towards a gimp-perl for windows. GTK-perl is a substantial step, but its not enaugh to run perl plugins on gimp for windows. For now, you could try some emulator (like vmware) to run a small linux on your windows box, switch to linux (perhaps not a good advice for a newbe), hire someone to convert perl plugins (like this one) to python or (even better) hire someone to do this sh...iny little gimp-perl support for windows. There are several people out there who want this, so maybe you could pool your cash to pay a programmer, here for instance.


Thanks anyway though...

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