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Zooming plug-in...

Hi guys! I'm new of this forum.
Firstly, I have to say that I'm not a software engineer so, I don't write for getting realeses about plug-ins or new update or Gimp... (sorry!!! I'm not able!). Then, sorry for my english if you find mistakes on my writing... I hope to be clear when I talk.

So, I know that in the open-source's world is possible asking to the community to write (for free, I hope! ;-) ) a particular function for a software... I really hope to write in the right place!

I need a plug-in that does a zooming of very little pictures, without lost of quality. I know there's a commercial software already does that, avoiding any kind of pixelation and shading.
I would know if there's someone between you that could make this plug-in to insert inside Gimp.

Thank you very much and sorry if you find my qustion stupid. I have no experience about.


and it is rare to get something good for nothing... I believe you are talking about enlarging an image, also known as up-sampling. The basic techniques when up-sampling without pixelating include (Bi)Linear, (Bi)cubic and Lanczos. All thre are supported by gimp. They work by curve fitting the points in the vicinity, and the result is a blurry, larger version of the initial image. There is also the likelyhood of colour bleeding/smearing as a sharp transition between two colours will get replaced by pixels of a averaged colours. You mentioned commercial products (like genuine fractals?) that reconstruct "fake" details to give the appearance of sharpness. There is a stand-alone freeware application I know of: that does upsampling using a number of additional algorithms, like Wiener 4, Wiener 6, Sinc, XinLi, and Fractal 5 - XinLi which all can give decent results depending on the source image. There is a demo of a product called smartedge here: and another commercial product Enlarger Pro An easy, do it yourself method is step enlarging with smoothing and edge enhancement each step, but again, it really depends on the source image(s) -Rob A>
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