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Compositing script ?


I'd like to 'render' several SVG files into one PNG (for example).

Imagine you have to produce a set of icons. Each icon will be different except for the background and a 'mini-icon' on top layer. It'll be the same background everywhere.

When you have to do it for a large number (+100) of files it can be pretty annoying to modify XXX images and re-export them to the desired format. Because as you know, Henri; despite the fact he put a virus in the printer (IBM), he also changed the design of the background...

So, it leaves me with two choices.
1 i have to modify every SVG file (cursing about Henry in the mean time).
2 or have a script that will do it for me. And also add flexibility to the project.

I tried to find it, but Google doesn't seem to be my friend this time. Forums seems to be empty on this topic. or i may have missed it.

I'm clearly not a scheme master (makes me think of elisp))))()()(())))

I imagine the script will do these tasks:
1 create a new layer
2 load the 1st SVG file into this layer
3 create a new layer (on top of 1st).
4 load the 2nd SVG file into this layer
5 create a new layer
6 load the 3rd SVG file into this layer
7 flatten everything (preserving transparency)
8 export / write file to PNG

Notes: Same size for all images, no resize needed.

Any help, gladly welcomed.

Thx for your time.

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