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New and have two questions - GIMP keeps shutting down and plug-in installation

Just to start off, I have Vista 64-bit and I downloaded the latest GIMP 2.6.

Problem 1: It keeps shutting down. I will be in the middle of editing a photo. Everything will be going smoothly. Happy with my lil photo and... oh... it just closes. It says that there is a problem with GIMP 2.6.exe and that windows will notify me when the problem is fixed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I have ran it as an administrator (not sure that would do anything, but I figured, hey, why not try?). It will do this repeatedly. One night, it did it 23xs in a row... then opened and was fine for the rest of the night! Aggravating.

Problem 2: I have never installed a plug-in. Tried to tonight, using the handful of links I found on this forum. No luck. I'm not exactly computer savvy (if you haven't figured it out yet lol), so I would love it if someone would walk me through this process step-by-step from the point where I hit "download." Do I have to install a program that can read the scripts? Or can I just copy n paste into the plug-in folder? I right-clicked and didn't see an option to extract, as with a zip, so I'm lost.


Alright, I figured out how to do the scripts. But that still leaves the issue of GIMP mysteriously shutting down. Is it a vista vs. Linux issue??

A Vista issue, apparently. Doesn't seem to affect the few Windows-using people who are actively contributing to GIMP, so there's nothing that can be fixed - you have to know what the reason for this is before you can atrempt to fix it.

how is it that the other windows-users aren't having problems but I am? Could you (or someone) at least give me a place to start looking in order to locate the problem?

Well first a possible solution ,unistall gimp 2.6.6 and install 2.6.5 you will not loose anything because 2.6.6 did not add any new features, was supposed to be a "bugfix" release , But in case of the Windows version something didn't work so 2.6.6 show additional bugs instead then bugfix again solve is simple , just reinstall the previous version ( may be a problem of the build? I somehow compiled gimp 2.6.6 on windows and everything seems working. But before ,i had to unistall the official 2.6.6..that.was really a PITA Soon or later all sessions ended with a nasty crash.
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