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Need Help With Downloading The GIMP

Hi Guys! I'm new to this software and am greatly in need of assistance to correct an error or bug in my download. I downloaded the GIMP 2.6 yesterday and was scaling an image when I hit something on the screen by mistake and lost the middle and right module from my screen. It appeared that the middle module expanded behind the tools module and took up the entire screen. I tried everything but could not get the original interface to appear. I then uninstalled the GIMP from my computer and re-installed it. It came up with the same interface screen error. I even tried to download different versions of the GIMP but I got the same screen. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me restore the original download.


Your window location preferences are saved in your profile directory, so it will not change with reinstalls. It sounds like you are in full screen mode. Try F11. Also, a the tab key will bring hidden dialogs to the top. HTH -Rob A>
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