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Vignette Script

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vignette.scm4.31 KB

Creates a vignette around a selection.

- Vignette based on selection and active layer.
- Softness, opacity, and colour of the vignette can be changed in the dialog box.
- Checking "Keep Layers" allows adjustment of vignette opacity after the fact.
- Also check "Keep Layers" if you have other layers visible otherwise they will be merged down.

Location: Filters/Light and Shadow/Vignette

This script is based on the vignetting method outlined by Sue Chastain

Sample Pictures:


With a vignette applied:

This is the first script I've written, I taught myself enough scheme using the gimp tutorial over the weekend. Feedback is welcome!


Version 1.2
- Effect is now consistent regardless of image size
- Renamed parameter from "opacity" to "softness"

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I'm new to this, how do I download this script?

What a difference between two images? I cant see anything :(

Sorry, I had made the vignette too subtle by increasing the softness and a low opacity. This is from the same xcf as the original vignette but with the opacity of the vignette turned up to 100. You can achieve an even stronger effect by reducing the softness of the vignette or selecting a smaller area.

Hi! I have installed the script and tried using it but to no avail. Nothing has changed with my original file. The default settings are: softness - 8.0 and darkness - 50.0. I would highly appreciate it if you can give me some tips to make this work. I'm using Mac OS X 10.5.8.

@Aiza You need to first use the Rectangle or Ellipse select tool to make a selection (ie. selected area for the script effect). Once you have made the selection, then run the filter script.

a difference is well visible on the Frog even if that was not the difference i expected, and does not seem a vignette-FX. Another difference is on the right margin, more similar to a vignette effect, but apparently applied only to the highlight of the BG that there are darkened (and subtly blurred? )
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