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Clean CCD Noise

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cleanccdnoise.scm2.68 KB

This script helps fix noise found in digital camera pictures.


G'MIC must be installed! When this script calls up the G'MIC plug-in, select Bilateral Filter with default settings.

There seems to be some confusion as to what all this script does... So here's a short description of the procedure:

  • Duplicates the active layer
  • Calls G'MIC plug-in (requiring user to select the Bilateral Filter with default settings, then OK'ing)
  • This layer is duplicated (saved for later)...
  • The layer is subtracted from a copy of the original layer and ran through curves-spline to increase the contrast at the lowest end
  • Finally, this layer acts as a alpha mask for the original copied layer (from above)

The subtracted mask tempers dark spots found in browns (wood, some skin, etc). This is found with red / green highlights in the brown to begin with.... I believe.

Version 1.1 (2009 July 06)

  • Tempered darkening noise found in browns (wood)

Feedback welcome!

The script is located in "<Image> / Script-Fu / Enhance / Clean CCD Noise"

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"Do you have g'mic installed?"

Yes, of course. Currently using Fedora 12 (32-bit), GIMP 2.6.7 and G'MIC

G'MIC works, just not the "cleanccdnoise" script. I get the original layer duplicated twice and then it halts with the cryptic (to me) error messages:
"Execution error for 'Clean CCD Noise':"
"Error: eval: unbound variable: gmic "

And also:
"Plug-In 'Clean CCD Noise' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups."

Under Gimp 2.6 for Linux, if you installed the Gimp plug-in version of G’MIC, you need to change the following line :

(gmic RUN-INTERACTIVE inImage subtract)

by this line :

(plug-in-gmic RUN-INTERACTIVE inImage subtract 0 "")

Having done this, it works.

But I think you will need to change the default value for the bilateral filter as I have not seen a strong difference between the corrected and non corrected image.

Same error under Linux (two unchanged layers). Under Windows, I get only error messages, same as those of Linux.
I have Gmic plugin in Gimp main plug-ins directory and G'mic command line under Linux. Under Windows, I have G'mic plugin in my user plug-ins dir and furthermore I announced G'mic's path (command line version) in Windows paths, off chance. But I cannot get it to work.

I have the same error message as you, except I have G'MIC installed.

I also noticed that if you do not have an image file open when you go to Clean CCD Noise it opens a dialog box asking for Image and Layer but you can't select anything. I don't know if that helps tell you what I'm doing wrong or not.

Any help would be great!



what is the advantage from using directly that Gmic filter ?

the bilateral filter is one of the best smoothing filters that i've seen, minding the edges quite well. unfortunately, i've only seen two implementations of it... G'MIC being the easier of the two to install. the script duplicates the original layer and applies a bilateral filter to smooth out any slight irregularities in the color tone (noise from CCD, red / green spots, etc.). by itself, the bilateral filter can give a very cartoony effect, so i used the filtered layer as a coloring layer, keeping all of the underlying values there to maintain all the details in the image. there's a bit more to it than this, but that's the gist. if you've got a better idea, i'm all ears!! (or would it be eyes?)

Maybe you overlook GMIC "output" options ? is that not almost exactly the same then call gmic bilateral filter, use GMIC output option NEW LAYER and then run it with default value ? Only difference seems the new layer merging mode

And seems as you have no installed
(from the message, i don't use the script )


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