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Gimp not destroying IPTC metadatas any solution ?

Hi, gimp is a fantastic soft but one thing prevent me from using it, it is the fact instead of not affecting metadatas it deos erase any IPTC metadatas (would there be away for gimp to not touch what is not is business)

I am using IPTC metadatas (as it is a standard) to sort, comment and describe pitcture content.
I have a huge collection of images and I'd like to use gimp to retouch images, but any pocture will get its IPTC metadatas erased....
GIMP is not intended to edit metadatas that ok for me but it is a major bug for me that gimp erase those metadatas

Is there a way for gimp not to destroy metadatas ? (i mean a real fix not kind of backing-up metatadas in a separate filr in another soft, then edit in gimp adn then reload metadatas this would work but it is not a fix it is compensate a major lack of coherence for gimp...)

alternatively does anyone knows a photo editor (free, open) that have major picture retouch function (filters, color, luminance, rotation, croping , 3 D compensation, resizing, etc... ) and that does not affect metadatas ?

xnview does many of these and preserve metadatas but can't make 3D adjsutment (to compensate perspective for instance) and can not do the clonung?


If you know how to code, have a look at the affected file plug-ins (probably JPEG and TIFF) and add what's needed there. Maybe have a look at the metadata plug-in, too, as this one is intended to provide access to the data within GIMP.

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