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CCD Camera Fringe Removal

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The script removes the blue/purple fringe found in digital camera pictures.

This script came out of necessity, when laborious and tedious work for fixing a large set of images became too much! It's certainly not perfect, but it does do a really decent job for a hands-off approach!

Version 1.1 (2009 June 18)

  • Fixed some blotchiness found in overblown areas
  • Cleared bright areas instead of value invert for better recoloring
  • Added multiply layer to darken the fringe a bit

Version 1.2 (2009 July 5)

  • Masked the darkening layer so "big" blue objects aren't darkened unnecessarily, which also fixed problems with blotchiness found in large blue areas (sky shots)

The script is located in "<Image> / Script-Fu / Enhance / Defringe"

Feedback appreciated!

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I tried the CCD camera fringe removal script on one of my star field images. It worked nicely in picking out the stars with violet/blue halos. fThe only issue is the need to convert violet/blue to black or a dark gray. I notice the blue was replaced with a mid tone greyish hue. Can the script be changed to give the much darker shade I need? Even so it saved me much time. What would have been an hour took only 10 minutes to manually touch-up. I'm pleased at how it creates masks that I can fine tune in opacity. Very good job. See the image here:

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