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Sample Average Colour

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sample_avg_colour.scm3.96 KB

This simple plugin was created in response to a request here.

It simply samples the entire image colour, and allows you to either:
- Display the RGB or grey values
- Set the foregound colour
- Set the background colour
- Add it to the current palette (if editable)

There is a toggle to sample just the layer, or the merged image.

It registers in the Colour menu as "Sample Average Colour..." and should work for RGB, indexed, or greyscale images.

UPDATE: Version 1.3 of the script fixes a bug that was introduced by a gimp bug fix in version 2.6.9.

-Rob A>

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Maybe you can help. Link below. Similar to Average color, but for individual selection islands on the same layer. Not sure how easy this will be to do though. :)

edit: Saul Goode created a cool Script-fu for me; can't seem to link it now since I get a Spam filter pop up for some reason, but the Registry link that I provided earlier will link to the GIMPTalk thread. :)

I made a short writeup with an overview of what the script does: Thanks for writing it! Marc
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