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I'd like to create a AQUA PILL inscription for the web, but have no idea from where I have to start or which programm I should donwload. Also I'm afraid my Gimp 2.6.6 is not complete, since most of applications are not available.
Note: the extension .scm is not supported by my PC
Can you help?



i see not much hope, not for technical problems but for the attitude (,and here i may be wrong ) So...there are acqua pill script for gimp, i believe listed here, if not listed on google Then ...Is not your PC but Gimp that has to support .scm files and it does, in all flavors of Linux Windows,and Mac " Most of application are not available" is the sentence that mostly give me the feeling to face a hopeless situation. ..maybe they become available if you open or create a image ? If you may found the time to read this tut then you may solve or at least be helped to solve with gimp, if not you may be able to find using Google some web service able to provide for free web inscriptions , buttons, logos, templates and whatever else may be needed
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