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Python Gimp

I've tried the manually package at this link:
But when I go to reinstall Gimp, I click the costum button, but I can't check the Python enhanced.
Any help?


I really wonder why PhotoComiX does insist on the GTK+ installer. If you only want to have Python support in GIMP - which does come with the gtk+ libs - this is not necessary.

So one thing you could try is to get rid of everything you've installed, and re-do the installation without the GTK+ installer. If this does succeed, this could indicate a conflict.

Otherwise, installing Python and the three add-on modules (pygtk, pycairo, pygobject) should be pretty smooth, I've never seen anything go wrong there.

Ok I got it to install this time and check the Python support, but when I got to open the Python-Fu console I get this error: pythonw.exe - Entry Point Not Found The Procedure entry point g_assertion message could not be located in the dynamic link libraray libglib-2.0-0.dll Any help?

There's nothing like g_assertion in, nor the deprecated symbols. Are you sure that you're posting the message verbatim?

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot an underscore. This is the message: pythonw.exe - Entry Point Not Found The Procedure entry point g_assertion_message could not be located in the dynamic link libraray libglib-2.0-0.dll Does that change anything?

This funtion is present in the version of Glib that is distributed with GIMP 2.6. Do you have any other instances of libglib-2.0-0.dll on your system which are not located in GIMP's bin directory?

It worked when I tried it with Gimp 2.6

Which version did you use before?

Michael that pack was mainly created on the base of the info YOU gave to SeanMichael as reported here i too think that the GTK module should be not strictly needed since already present in any PC of gimp users But i'm not able to explain how to reset the Paths to make the other component find the gimp GTK, that is installed as default in a unusual place (inside Gimp) Neither i believe most Windows gimp users able or willing to follow instrution on how reset paths. But if you can explain a better method i will happy to add it to the "how to" included there. Or if the GTK is not needed at all, not another, nor that included in gimp (this seems very strange to me but may be the sense of your post ) then i may well remove, just let me know

Installing Python and the Python modules is enough to get Python working in GIMP.

PYGTK is required, correct ? And pygtk doesn't required to find the gtk to be installed ? In case it will successfully search the GTK all over, even inside Gimp, or some operation has to be done to point pygtk on the right path?

pygtk is a python module (as are pycairo, pygobject and the various modules that do come with GIMP). Its installer does not care about GTK+.

When GIMP is run, its bin directory does become part of PATH, and thus PyGTK has no problems finding the GTK+ (and Glib etc) libraries that are located there.


thank for the info i will repack following your advice
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