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Auto convert ad resize images (new)

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auto-convert-and-resize-4.0.zip3.89 KB

New version: 4.0 (14 may 2009)

- Important modifications for the compatibility with GIMP ver 2.6.6.
- Currently 29 formats of conversion are supported.

It automatically converts and it resize entire collections of images. The script reads from text file the complete path of the images to convert, one complete path for every line of text. The converted images are saved in the same folder of origin.

Example of imagelist.text file:


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I used the script in linux. Its quite good but I ran out of memory (and swap) when I added 371 picture files (total 425 MB) into list and tried to resize them (memory:~500MB and SWAP ~500MB). So, I think I did not get even half of image files done. Any suggestions? Maybe it should free memory of any image it loads into memory after resizing it?

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