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Rotate (and resize) Brush

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rotateBrush.scm5.86 KB

Updated for version 2.6. Resizing brushes is pretty much obsolete, but rotating, mirroring and inverting brushes is still useful.

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This is what I was looking for . Great script !!!

Sorry but I am at a lost with this one. I have Script-Fu (and python fu) in my filters. I also saved RotateBrushes.scm in the files folder Gimp. It is a blank page. Bottom line...I cannot manipulate the eyebrow brushes for accurate placement. Tried different layers along with the rotate tool in gimps tool luck. Very frustrating indeed. There is nothing showing script fu edited brushes.
Any help is appreciated.

Excellent script, thanks

How do I use script? I am very new to this and would really appreciate the help. Thank you

Cool Symmetric resizing may be obsolete now,BUT Asimmetric resizing (changing image ratio) may be still useful For sure is still very useful flip and rotate. Is a pity that is so slow because instead to just "paste as " new brush and set is a active brush the script prefer to refresh all the other brushes
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