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register trouble

I'm new in PyGimp. I'm trying to create a image from the scratch and have following code
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from gimpfu import *

def kurs_001(width, height):
img = pdb.gimp_image_new(width, height, RGB)

# Register with The Gimp
register( "hans_pygimp_kurs001",
"Kurs PyGimp, Lektion 1",
"Create Test Application, bla bla bla",
"Hans-G. Normann",
"(c) 2009, Hans-G. Normann, Vervielfaeltigung und bla bla bla nur mit Genehmigung",
(PF_INT, "height", "Hoehe", 480),
(PF_INT, "width", "Breite", 640),


If I run this procedure, then a windows with four elements appears. I have only two defined. Where are the Elements Image and Dawable coming from?

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