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Where are the script fu in GIMP 2.6

Hi all,

i'm new on the forum, and quite new and Gimp.
on the previous version i had (2.4) i think there were a lot of script fu already installed...
now i've got the 2.6 version, there isn't any. instead it's asking me to run a server... ??? probably to locate a library of script fu ?!! every time i have a look on the internet, i can't find anything about it.

i do tutorials from the net, and some require script fu, which i haven't. it's really frustrating not to understand how it works.

can anyone help?

many thanks.

File/Create/Logos the other mostly in filter or color menu since almost nobody (except developers) is interested to know if a filter was written in C, in C++, Python , Script fu, or whatever ...but only what it does , the dedicated script fu menu was finally removed
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