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DvdAuthor-Buttons is a GIMP Python-Fu plugin to assist in creating DVD menu buttons, for use with dvdauthor and spumux.

A tutorial is included in the download, which includes the tutorial document, and some of the tutorial files. (I didn't add the tutorial MPEG files as they are too big!!!)

dvdauthorbuttons.zip1.32 MB
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Received a comment from Daniel, saying that he had to set the executeable bit on the python script, before it would show up as an installed plugin.

This would be for Linux/Unix installs, I guess.

To do that,
cd into the folder that you installed the script into, and run:

	chmod u+x

If it already shows up as a plugin, then you don't need to do that.

you did a excellent work in the included PDF to explain how the plugin work Is a pity that the presentation here is done with 2 words and without appropriate tags,...while the packaging is MUCH BETTER then usual . 1 you do not mention that a how to is included 2 you tag "gimp 2.4"...Why? didn't not work on gimp 2.6 ? 3 You do not mention that is a Python script 4 a screenshoot of a possible result would help thank for share anyway my do not want be a criticism just suggestions to avoid that a accurate work finish overlooked

Thank you very much for the comments! 1. Fixed 2. I tagged it 2.4(plus). I thought that should do it... It does run under 2.6. 3. Fixed; description now has Python-Fu in it. 4. Hmmm... thinking about it. Not sure what visual to capture. Jamie.
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