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Photo Filters for Gimp..

Hello, I would really appreciate some help finding a Photo-filter plug in to selectively tone images. I have been looking on the net for a couple of days now and have not come across a single plug in that does what I need.
Although I'm pretty sure there must be something that I haven't yet come across.

I am using GIMP 2.6.6 on O SX Leopard and I'm looking for something like the virtual photographer photoshop plugin. Here are a couple of pages of sample images which is the kind of thing I am looking for to use with gimp;

I really wish there was a way to get this plugin to work on OSX but I haven't been able to find a work around as it is a photoshop filter released only for windows. Is there any way around this? I know you can get photoshop filters to work in GIMP on windows if you install Pspi.exe, but is there anything that performs this function for OSX?

But anyway if anyone knows of a similar filter to virtual photographer for gimp that will work on a mac I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Can't be a similar filter because VP offer tons of different FX You will enconter a lot of similar problem with MAC not only for GImp A lot of Programs, and plugin are not available for MAC or at best only in obsolete versions Only solution i may imagine is a Dual boot with linux or (If your Mac is recent ) with windows

[Quote] Can't be a similar filter because VP offer tons of different FX [Quote] Thank you for the reply, but why can gimp not have one plugin with many options? I don't understand why there are no alternative plugins to do this basic stuff in gimp. Is there nothing out there? Perhaps something for black and white conversion and toning. Using desaturate/contrast/levels doesn't give great results. So are there no good filters to use on mac gimp? Thanks again for your reply.

mimi- PhotoComiX is saying that the virtual photographer plugin you pointed to is really a whole suite of different effects. Many, if not most of these are available as plugins or scripts for Gimp, but not bundled as "one plugin". -Rob A>
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