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Color management for PDF files

I am using GIMP to open several PDF files and convert to PNG and JPEG files, however while most work I often get distorted colors when converting to either format.

I have attached two screen shots that show what I mean in that the colors are not converted well at all. The first is while viewing the PDF with Adobe Reader and the second is when I open the same PDF in either Image Viewer or GIMP.

The original PDF is at if you wish to try and test for me.

Not sure what info you may need to help me resolve this but I provide the following. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 with GIMP 2.6.6 with a GeForce 8600 GT GPU and on a 22" Samsung 226BW, on a Quad Core CPU Q6600 with 4GB DDR2 RAM and 2 x 400GB HDD and 1 x 1000GB HDD (All 32MB cache, all sata2)

What is also interesting is that when looking at the file (saved locally) the thumbnail generated also has the colour issue as shown in screenshot2 but when I open it in the Reader it is fine.

I have also tried an imagemagik convert but the image loss is too high. What I am simply trying to achieve is as close to as possible exact copy of the PDF in jpg or png format.

I have also tried PDF edit, xpdf and a host of others with no luck...

I hope someone can help me work this out :)



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