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Palette Generator

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New version:1_3
Add to palette black, gray and white by default.

New version:1_2
Save palette bug fixed.

Adjust light of scheme work fine (I hope!)

It generates palette by following the harmonic schemes of color: monochromatic, complementary, triadic, tetrad and analogous.
- you can choose between the digital wheel (RGB) and the real wheel (RYB);
- you can choose whether to use the color "web safe" or not;
- you can see in real time in a preview page the combination of colors;
- you can save a Gimp or Inkscape palette.
Required python libraries: :
- GrapeFruit-0.1a3
INSTALLATION: copy file to the standard place for plugins (folder "plug-ins").


GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


If you don't have python, another option is a script I wrote for someone on GimpTalk:

It will create a new palette (or update the existing palette) based on the current FG colour.

It registers twice, once with an option to specify a palette name and once without the dialog so you can quickly regenerate the palette by binding it to a keypress with no pop-up dialog.

The palette created has the following groups (separated by a black colour spacer):

-Complementary set (FG + complementary hue)
-Analogous colour set (FG + 30degrees hues either side)
-Triadic colour set (FG + two equally spaced hues, 120 degrees apart)
-Split Complementary (FG + 150degree hoes either side)
-Tetradic (FG + Complement + 60 degrees one side, 120 degrees the other)
-Square (FG + 3 equally spaced hues, 90 degrees apart)

-Rob A>

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