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Gimp for Painters need help

Hello, im new here, so nice to meat u all, i saw this and i want to install it in linux, my distro is linuxmint 6, and when i download the .deb pack in the forge site... nothing happen, but when i donwnload it for windows, works perfectly, can anyone help me? here is the site


Could you be a little more specific as to what went on? Did you save the .deb, did you try to open it right away, were you met with a prompt for installing the package, et cetera. Secondly, did you read the manual and download the other materials for the application?

the first link is not for the project but the presentation of a port for MAC on the project side i can't see any deb (sure somebody may have done but do not seems reported there ) the other pages related the project are not readable from my browser, (font be replaced with empty squares)

Yes there is .deb but the last is from 2009 03 21 only.
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