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Perspective Reflection Script

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This script modifies a layer to have a perspective and reflection consistent with that perspective.

This script is not finished. It has not been tested very much, and it is missing major features to come later on.

To install this script, copy it to your scripts folder, then restart Gimp. If you don't know where your scripts folder is, then go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scripts.

To run this script, select Filters > Decor > Perspective Reflection.

Feedback is appreciated.

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I went ahead and added Hoffi's suggestions to your script and made a few adjustments of my own (I lightened the gradient (255 255 255) and moved the middle position to 0.5). The fade was just too dark for my tastes. Anyone wanting to darken the fade, just comment out the 2nd line shown below:

; we could move the middle pos to fade-out not soo fast

;(gimp-gradient-segment-set-middle-pos gradient 0 0.5)

 @dln385: If you want, you can replace your file with this updated one, which I give Hoffi credit for his suggestions. 

You can grab the updated file here:

I use it for more effective ppt presentation
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