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Perspective and Reflection Plugin


I'm looking for a plugin that does this:

(Sample image attached.)

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. I'm not good with perspective, so doing it manually doesn't work too well for me.



I doubt you'd find a plugin that makes a reflection like the video you linked to because the reflection he made was awful. You say you're bad with perspective? The fact that you notice something is wrong with your perspective means you're a lot better with it than the maker of that video. Take a look at some example reflections: (Sorry the spam filter is misbehaving and it won't let me post any links. Ever.) You will notice that when a vertical object is reflected on a horizontal plane, the reflection is vertical, and not any taller, wider, or more angular than the original. I can't find a plugin that creates a perspective reflection, but the math seems quite simple; so if I can figure out the script commands to do it, I'll write up a script. No promises though.

I hacked together a quick script for you. It doesn't do the black background or fading yet, but it does all the hard perspective stuff, so the rest should be easy. You can find it here:

That's incredible. I love it. (Background and opacity are easy to do after the scripts runs.) You are amazing! This is so good I think it should be included in GIMP 2.7.

I tried to add the rest of the effects to the script, but it seems that adding a layer mask to the reflection crashes Gimp. It might be a bug, I'm really not sure. When my college finals are over I'll work on it a bit more.
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