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Help - Photoshop keyboard config/layout


I'm trying to port all my work to gimp, i love it and i think it haves all the things that i may need, but one thing that is slowing me a lot is the keyboard layout.
I know that there is an old version of gimp, gimpshop, that has the config like photoshop, but it's too old, someone can help me? how can i have a keyboard config like potoshop's ??
Obviously i'm asking for a plugin or a file to load and it's done, i know i can configure in keyboard's shortcut by hand, but i need something that i can installa in various computers.

Cheers and thanks, keep working on gimp, is great!


I did a google search for "gimp keyboard shortcuts photoshop", without the quotes. The first result is this:

It seems to be exactly what you want, but it was written for Gimp 2.2 back in 2005. Tell me if it works.

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