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Radial Copy (True Polar Array)

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Note: I accidentally posted this as a plug-in first. I've now correctly posted it as a script.

This script allows the user to select an item in the image and to create a true polar array of the selected object (think kaleidoscope as opposed to Ferris wheel seats). It is useful for creating objects that possess radial symmetry.

The user can control:
-center point of rotation
-distance from the center point to the objects in the array
-starting angle for the rotation
-angle between each copied object
-number of objects in the final array.

Some experimentation may be required to get the result you want, as I made the script rather flexible.

Select the exact outline of what you are using to create the array. Using a standard rectangular selection box will potentially crop pieces of the array as it rotates.

I've attached a sample image and an image of the values that I used to achieve the effect.

Polar Array Preview
Polar Array Interface Preview

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I hoped was a plugin You couldnot do better with a scrript, nothing to complain about but plugin may offer a preview that in this case will be really needed. Cool effect anyway really a pity that is impossible have the preview
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