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TGA batch output

There is a plugin that exports each layer as a single TGA. But sadly there is no alpha channel anymore after exporting.

I'm looking for a plugin that does the same thing + keeping the alpha channel.
And it would be great if that plugin was able to name the new files that way: filename_0001, filname_0002 and so on.
and even better if I was able to select the destination folder.

Is there someone out there who is able to rewrite the script a little and help me? I'm not able to something like that. :-(

All the best and thanks!

ps There is also a script_fu thing out there called continous_save that can't do tga and doesn't seem to work with gimp 2.6 at all.


What's the first plug-in - the one that does remove the alpha channel - you were writing about?

it's called tga_batch_save - it's on this page. I found another one, that is graet and does pgn with alpha and works for me also!
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