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New Engrave plugin

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This plugin is an alternative to the existing Engrave plugin
supplied with GIMP.

Basically, the plug-in transforms a grayscale image into a series of
horizontal lines of varying widths.

For example, the following (small) image

can be transformed into:

(stand back 10-20 feet).

Full description at: .

engrave.scm12.72 KB
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Since the script change the image mode in Greyscale, will be better to output on a new image (at least as extra option, but even then may be a better default ) Or who use risk a bad surprise, to edit 1 layer all the other layers may get screwed up (well there is always UNDO but if the layer is on top in normal mode problem may went unnoticed till too late )

I posted this as a plugin, but I guess it's really a script (script-fu); the distinction was fuzzy in my mind. Should I delete this registration (can I?), and recreate correctly as a script? I would edit the description at the same time (plugin -> script).
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