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Color animation

I cannot make a script and i this idea will help me IMMESLY with signatures for other forums. It is a animation (if you could call it that) type of thing. What i want is a script that:

A) Askes you how many steps per frame you want

B) Takes the original layer, duplicates it, changes the hue by the number of steps in A).

C) Repeats this, exept copying the layer on top so you don't get duplicates, untill the last frame is around equal to the original (36 times if you use 10 hue, and if you use 9 it is 40 times and so on and so on.) If it doesn't quite equal the original, round up if possible, otherwise leave as is.

Could you do that for me?

If this is in the incorrect spot could someone tell me (not sure weather it should go in help or not..) A "Hue cycle..." command will be added to the "Filters->Animation" submenu.

Thanks for the quick reply (as fast as i have seen in these forums)
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