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Heal selection (fix to: Smart remove selection)

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smart-remove.scm4.06 KB

A fix to the Filter>Enhance>Smart remove selection... script.

Release notes:

Fixed a bug where strange texture (e.g. sky from the top of the image) instead of surrounding texture was synthesized onto the selection, as reported at this website for the resynthesizer plug-in.

Changed the menu item to "Filter>Enhance>Heal selection..." from "Smart remove selection..." (New menu item name is shorter and more descriptive. It doesn't use the Heal tool, but the effect is nearly the same. Note the filename is the same, only the menu item name is changed, and it still requires the resynthesizer plug-in.)

Changed the pop-up help text.


Copy file smart-remove.scm to the standard place for scripts. See Preferences>Folders>Scripts for the pathnames. In my case, using Linux Ubuntu, I removed the current version at /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/smart-remove.scm and installed the new version at ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts/smart-remove.scm. (It seems strange that Gimp will not use a script from your home folder if there is also one of the same name in the standard installation folder, but it will for a plugin?)

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Rob I really need your great script (fill with resynthesized) I tried to get it at but only found the coding and not a .scm file. I am not able to get it to run. do you have a .scm file some where ? I am on mac os btw
appreciate it.

the coding and the scm file are the same thing
I try to explain better if you got to that "code" page with your browser ,IE, firefox oe whatever, you should see, in the browser adress field that the page is called..hem...whater.scm and not whatever.html

so save the page from the browser should save the scm

Even more simple instead then click on the Link, RIGHT click and chose the option "save target as"
In case you may see a option to save as On that option, that should expand the field were the option is displayed and show the correct one "save as ALL FILES"

this at least in Windows

Thanks, was brain dead the other nite. So added resynth_pattern_fill.scm to my scripts file and all looks good but when I run it I get the error: wrong number of parameters expecting 13 only have 11 (as mentioned in other posts). I tired the fix by changing the two lines (plug-in-resynthesizer RUN-NONINTERACTIVE newImage newLayer 0 0 0 newLayer -1 -1 0 0.05) to (plug-in-resynthesizer RUN-NONINTERACTIVE newImage newLayer 0 0 0 newLayer -1 -1 0 0.05 30 200) but no luck Still get error expecting 13 parameters. Any thoughts?

I've updated the resynth pattern fill script here:

It now checks for the number of parameters and provides teh correct amount. I have tested it with the 11 and 13 parameter versions. (BTW I added the 30 and 200 default values and this is working for me).

Try that and see if it works. If so, all the scripts that use resynthesizer could use the same check.

-Rob A>

Thanks for the update, Rob.

Cool, thanks. Your link is to a different script, but its no big deal, anyone can find the correct script in the same directory. But the one in that directory called resynthesize_pattern_fill.scm seems to have an error in it. It only passes 11 params to resynthesizer, needs 13. At least it doesn't work on my Windows XP, brings up an error message about parameter count. I think thats a good idea, to provide more front ends to resynthesizer. I noticed you did not use the "Tile horizontal and vertical" parameters to resynthesizer. I don't understand what situations they are useful for. Resynthesizer itself is not supposed to add repeating artifacts. My first thought was that your adding noise to the process was not necessary, but I suppose resynthesizer alone would copy the repeating pattern verbatim. plashless, off banks of noon

My copy of resynthisizer (the latest windows version from the author's web page) only has 11 parameters. To get your script working (heal selection) I had to remove two parameters. What I have figured out with the Tile horizontal and vertical... It only has value if the whole layer is being resynthisized (not a selection). It will then make the image seamless when it runs. It you are using resynthisizer on a selection, the one to set true is the "fit output to bordering pixels". This will make the selection blend with the areas outside the selection. Where did you get your windows binary.. It must be a later version... And thanks for noticing the bad URL. (cut and paste error) It should be -Rob A>

I downloaded Gimp from: which leads you to: and it includes resynthesizer. The link on Paul Harrison's site (the author of resynthesizer) is: On the same site, the link to the source is: Just judging by the links, the windows version (0.13?) on Paul Harrison's web site is earlier than the windows version (0.16?) that the Gimp site points to. The Linux resynthesizer (at least with Ubuntu version 8.10) requires 13 parameters. I think there is another person who is maintaining resynthesizer for Debian (and thence to Ubuntu.) My main platform is Ubuntu. Insert standard diatribe about versions and platforms here. plashless, off banks of noon

Here are more examples of this script at work. You can see the patterns on the left have significant periodicity, while those on the right have significantly less. -Rob A>

Do You have some screenshots?


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