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I'm Very New To This, What Do I Do?

Well i think i have read all the instructions properly, but for some reason I just CAN'T get It to work
I'm trying to get Liquid Rescale ( to work but no matter what i do it wont
I have Vista and The newest Gimp
so what do I do?

Files that end in "" usually need to be extracted, compiled, and installed. Easy on Linux, hard on Windows. On the page you linked to, it links to the Official Liquid Rescale homepage. In the navigation bar on the left, it links to the Download Page. There, under the Windows heading is a link to download the plugin and a link for installation instructions. In the instructions, under Windows, it says: The installation file is a self-extractig executable. If you have GIMP installed in the default location, i.e. in the GIMP-2.0 folder under your main Program Files folder, just execute the file and click the Extract button, and you'll find the plugin under the Layer menu the next time you start GIMP. Seems simple enough.
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