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Flash SWF Export

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A Python plugin that exports a GIMP image as a Shockwave Flash file or the layers of an GIMP image as a Shockwave Flash animation. The package "swftools" is required.

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Bart, I'd like to take the time to thank you for this plugin! Seems that a couple of people simply don't read details pertaining to the plugin. I've used this within both Windows and Linux environments, with no problems (once the SWF-Tools were installed, of course). Upon my first use, I'd happened to notice that the frames for the animation/swf export were being processed as png. This opened the doors for some relatively large animation files (file-size wise) as the png frames are exported as true-color + alpha. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way criticizing this! This is great (a lot better than the jpeg/no alpha that I'd anticipated)... though folks are going to have to keep this under consideration if exporting lengthy animations. If one keeps the frames down in count size, this swf export is excellent! I am currently using this plugin with the GIMP's 2.8.2 Linux port. Thanks again.

Python plugin sounds awesome that export the images as an flash animation. I have also read that it generates an XHTML file too. I don't understand this. Can any one explain this please? Is it support vector graphic as well? If I have to adjust frame rate of animation, is this option there? If the answer is yes then it will be very useful for landing page optimization of my works.

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I could not get the plug-in running either under Mac neither under Windows.

Updated again, now you can export the layer of the GIMP image as an animation.
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