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Knob or dial creator.

Is there a plugin that i could use to automatically create multial images(round) up to about 50x50 pixels,and upto 127 images.It would need to be able to use varing degree increments of about 5 to 15 degree amounts.I need a plugin if available as i create synthesizers in Native Instruments Reaktor 5 and creating them 1 at a time is very labourious.Thank you if you can help me.

This could be a starting point. I creates a series of rotated images from a base image. Take a look at it. -Rob A>

Rob,thank you for your tool,it is going to be a great help and a good time saver.If there is any way to increase the amount of finished images and the relative start and end points that you could advise me on it would be appreciated.Thanks once again.

I have a modified script but seem to be unable to either upload it here or even link to it. The site filter keeps thinking it is spam. -Rob A>

Here is the link: Take the spaces out and you can get the file. Here is a sample I created: -Rob A>

RobA,i have downloaded your new script and it is fantastic,just what the doctor ordered.Now between your two tools i can create new knobs with little effort.A big THANK YOU Rob,and i will keep a look out for any further enhancements to your Rotate tools with great intrest.Thanks Glyn.
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