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Installing scripts into Gimp

I am wanting to make business cards on Gimp and found Akkana’s script.

My operating system doesn't allow me to download gimplabels-0.5.tar.gz and I don't understand the directions for copying labels.scm into the gimp scripts directory.

Can anyone tell me how I 'drag it from a file manager' or from the 'command line'. Unfortunately I don't understand how to do this (I learn easily, however!).

Thanks if you can point me in the right direction.


I have also some issues with the script. I'm running on a Fedora 10, but it's seems that even download , the script does not appear to be. Just empty file? I will go on with some checking up with my system and will be back.

Done, I can now see the plugin in the Filter menu under Artistic. Download the file some where in a directory, Went into GIMP preferences to locate the scripts directory. Su Copy the file to the directory indicate by the GIMP preferences. Done, But I didn't test it yet, Hope that can help someone. Don't forget to log as root to do it.
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