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Rendering in the Gimp 2.6

Ok, in photoshop, you can eraser the background around an image right? So why can't you do that in gimp? Is there a way save the smart scissors? Eraser? That has to be more simple that does not take a ton of time...


Yes, there is. In the lower left corner of the image window, you'll see a small dotted square. If you hover over that square, a pop-up will explain that this is the Toggle Quick Mask tool. Click on that little square and a red mask will overlay your photo. You can use the paint brush to alternately paint white or black onto this mask. Start with white. As you paint, you'll notice that white painted areas will erase the red masking to reveal the original color beneath. Those areas are the active selection. Click on that Toggle tool at lower left to remove the red and revel the dotted lines indicating your selection. Re-toggle to put back the mask and continue selecting. If you over-select, just hit 'x' to switch the brush color to black and paint those areas that you want to deselect. You can use this method in combination with the scissors select tool, and, with practice, can achieve very accurate selections. Obviously, in many situations, you'll want to work under high image magnifications, and you can vary the size of the brush tool, and you can also vary the type of brush - feathered, hard, etc. It's very flexible, and, with practice, you'll get very good results. Don't overlook the polygon tool as another option to use in combination with the quick mask and scissors tool. In combination, these are very useful tools, and you can do most anything in Gimp that can be achieved selection-wise in any other application. Good luck. Hope this was useful. Caruso
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