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Liquid Rescale

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This plugin aims at resizing pictures non uniformly while preserving their features, i.e. avoiding distortion of the important parts.

plugin example

For example, you may turn a normal picture to panoramic without stretching the content.

The plugin supports manual feature selection, and can also be used to remove portions of the picture in a consistent way.

More information:

gimp-lqr-plugin-0.7.1.tar.bz2765.06 KB
liblqr-1-0.4.2.tar.bz2336.66 KB
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I can't, for the life of me, figure out which folder in the .gimp I am suppose to place the folder for this plug-in. If anyone could tell me where to put it, that would be great.

The link for Win seems MIA, but anyway you may found from the home page

About the folder question is simple it is a plugin and it goes in the plugin folder ( but only the content not the its own folder)

Or you may just extract the folder, where you like and add the path for the folder from Edit/preference/folder/plugin
(That make thing easier in case you have to update gimp or the plugin )

I am trying to download the windows version for the standard installation of GIMP however I am having to do so at my local public library and unfortunately the file is being blocked by their antivirus software, would it be possible for the author to maybe post a zipped version as an attachment to this thread? or maybe even make a zipped version available for download as a possible workaround. Better yet would be for the author to contact Symantec and notify them that their antivirus software is reporting a false positive on this file so that when my library updates their definitions I might actually be able to download it.

At first I was unable to open the downloaded file.
It worked perfectly after I turned the property file compatibility on into Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

i just tried for me work
this is the standard version (another is for the portable or gimppainter )

Hi, I'm new here. I don't know if I can download these plugins, if I can, can someone explain how to do it? Thanks!

Just follow the link to the plugin's homepage and you'll find all the information you need there.

even if were not included in the attachment under the developer's message are also available binary for windows, mac and the most used linux distro refer to the download page of

You friggin' rock! It works as well as the example suggests. I also appreciate the tool's comprehensive YouTube video posted on their website.


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