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Google Summer of Code 2009

Google Summer of Code ist a program sponsored by Google that does enable students to work for Open Source projects. GIMP did participate in 2006 and 2008, the results are listed on our Summer of Code wiki page.

We intend to participate again this year, and are currently collecting possible projects at our GSoC 2009 ideas wiki page.

If you think that you might have a possible project, then please go to the IRC channel #gimp on and/or the gimp-developer mailing list and present it there. IRC is good for the quick "could this be a project at all" checks, the mailing list is good if you've already got some kind of plan and want to discuss it in detail.

If you would like to mentor any projects, please announce this on the gimp-developer list and/or IRC. And please do reply to any mails sent to you.


I cannot add any project there because i can't help to implement it. But i hope a comment is allowed I think that to be suitable for professional use Gimp will really need a MACRO RECORDER (i.e something as PS actions recorder)...may be a very interesting SOC project there is no match in speed, efforts and usability between record a routine and write the correspondent code. (and anyway average users are not able to write code ) That to me is much more relevant then 16 bit, cmyk ,pdf support and alike

It looks like this year's SoC might be very heavy on the GEGL side - and this is good.

Regarding macro recording:

If all of the changes to an image are a modeled by a graph of instructions, then you have sovled most recording needs already. See the examples at, the exact same XML can be applied to any image

In GIMP SVN, the projection - what you actually seen in an image window - can optionally be done with GEGL. The color tools can be made to use GEGL as well. This does still not expose the graph to the user in any way, though...

I won't be surprised if 75% or more of our projects this year will be GEGL-related.

What a good new.!..i had a look to the link..excellent from what i could understand that really may solve most of recording needs. then you do not think that a practical implementation available for Gimp end users will be a quite interesting SOC project? At least for developers that have skills and will to participate but that can not image a more useful/interesting project ?
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