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Needing help how to run Plug-ins in Gimp Itself

Alright, I have window's evil of Vista and I also have the lovely gimp 2.6 which I have come to love. I am learning how to use it better but I have one major problem that has come up.

How in the hell to you get plug-ins to work in gimp at all? I have no idea how to do it! So, please help out a poor user!


What exactly is the problem?

I figured out how to use the plug ins but I also down loading some that I would like to use..

images may be clearer then word have a look to "Adding new things to GIMP" here screenshoots there will help. Then i suggest you to read also the rest of the tutorial because is the only Gimp introductory tutorial updated to the current version. (Other good resource are the video of meetthegimp )

If installed properly, a plug-in shows up as new menu item(s) (often in the Filter item of the menubar). When you use the new menu item, you're using the plugin. plashless, off banks of noon
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