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Export Selection

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export-selection.scm5.09 KB

This script pops up a GUI which allows you to save your selection to various places

The source is your current selection (or whole image if none) applied to one of:
- the current layer
- all visible layers
- all layers

The destination is one of:
- a PNG file (saved directly to disk)
- a new image in GIMP
- a new layer in the current image

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I find this extension invaluable, but the fact that you can't supply the filename for the exported PNG really slows you down if you are using it to extract several images e.g. from a screen shot.

I'm too green with writing extensions to know how to tweak it, but I'm sure the developer could add it in a minute or two ;).

OTOH, if it could run in a mode where you could set up the parameters once before hand (filetype, what to export, destination folder and root part of the filename) and then run the extension without the GUI, and it would just create sequential named files each time you used it.

Works in GIMP 2.8. Great for exporting snippets of images quickly while preserving transparency.

Saves to the same folder that the XCF is opened from without any option to change the name or destination, will automatically overwrite that file if you run it multiple times.

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