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Tileable Filters

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TileableFilters.scm9.61 KB

I have created a wrapper script to allow a number of existing filters to have tileable results (assuming the input layer is tilable).
This script creates the following new menu entries (modeled after the Tileable Blur provided in Gimp already):
Filters >Distorts >Tileable Emboss
Filters >Blur >Tileable Motion Blur
Filters >Distorts >Tileable Wind
Filters >Light and Shadow >Tileable Sparkle
Filters >Noise >Tileable Slur
Filters >Noise >Tileable Spread
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Cubism
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Oilify
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Photocopy
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Softglow

More can be added, I just went through the menus looking for ones that could benefit from this.

Here is an example of the stock wind filter and with the tileable wrapper.

-Rob A>

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Your script creates a new image in the let* block, but this is done outside the undo grouping. No real harm is caused by this except that if the user cancels execution in the dialog box, there is still an undo step registered in the UNDO History. In such a case, performing an undo doesn't do anything -- the new image has already been deleted -- but to be consistent with other filters, the undo step should not be there (the user shouldn't have to undo an operation that has been canceled).

Moving the gimp-image-duplicate to be after the gimp-image-undo-group-start will correct this.

In addition to that, I had to move all the calls using tileImage out of the initial let and after the gimp-image-duplicate.

Updated the attachment here to fix that issue.

-Rob A>

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